Doctor claims ED wanted to kill Chiwenga

Mary Mubaiwa


A South African medical doctor has testified that Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa tried to kill his deputy Constantino Chiwenga in 2018.

Willi Leo Sieling made the claims at the Harare magistrates court on Friday, where he appeared as a witness in a case where Chiwenga’s former wife Mary Mubaiwa is accused of attempting to murder him.

Sieling said he was part of a team of doctors who treated Chiwenga in South Africa in June 2019, when he was suffering from a life-threatening illness.

“On June 29, 2019, l was accosted by the suspect (Mubaiwa) who was unhappy that l had allowed a surgeon to place an intercostal drain without her consent,” Sieling told the court.

“She scolded me and shouted at me.

“Nurses reported to me that the suspect was interfering with and hindering the administration of drugs to the complainant.

“The suspect insisted that l had to start giving the complainant pethidine.

“However, it is a highly addictive narcotic analgesic, which l refused to do.”

He said Mubaiwa, who was then married to Chiwenga, told him that Mnangagwa wanted to kill him, starting with a grenade attack at a rally in 2018.

Sieling added: “There were continuous calls, messages and persistent demands by the suspect for the discharge of the complainant.

“The suspect started from the beginning and consistently told me that his Excellency the President of Zimbabwe wanted to kill the complainant (Chiwenga) starting with the grenade attack.”

He also said Mubaiwa tried to interfere with Chiwenga’s treatment and insisted that he should be given a dangerous drug called pethidine, which he refused to do.

Mubaiwa, a former model, is facing charges of attempted murder, fraud and money laundering. She denies the allegations and says she is being persecuted by Chiwenga, who divorced her last year.

She also accuses Chiwenga of blocking her from seeking medical treatment abroad for a rare condition that has left her arm severely infected.

Chiwenga, a former army chief, played a key role in ousting long-time ruler Robert Mugabe in 2017 and installing Mnangagwa as president.

He is widely seen as a potential successor to Mnangagwa, who is facing growing discontent over the country’s economic and political crisis

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