Drama as two women clash over ‘husband’ in court – Shocking details exposed


A Harare court was turned into a theatre of drama when two women came face to face over a man they both claim to be their lover.

Regina Chipunza of Glen View 7 and Feby Mashiri of Budiriro 5 exchanged harsh words and accusations as they fought for the attention and affection of their shared ‘husband’.

Chipunza dragged Mashiri to court, accusing her of disturbing her peace and invading her privacy. She told the court that Mashiri would often come to her house and insult her, calling her names and accusing her of sleeping around.

She said Mashiri claimed to be her ‘sister-wife’, even though they are not legally married to the same man.

But Mashiri hit back with her own allegations against Chipunza. She said Chipunza had been harassing her at her home, demanding money for the upkeep of her child from the same man.

She said Chipunza was lying about being faithful to their ‘husband’ and that she had other men on the side.

Harare magistrate Sharon Mashavira was left speechless by the scandalous revelations. She ordered both women to stop visiting each other’s homes and causing trouble.

She also advised Chipunza to seek child maintenance from the man through the maintenance court, instead of confronting Mashiri.

The court drama exposed the messy and risky nature of love triangles, leaving both women in a limbo and a dilemma.

As the case continues, the question remains: who will win the heart of their ‘husband’? And what will he say about his double life? The story is a cautionary tale of the pitfalls and problems that can arise from complicated relationships.

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