Mberengwa CCC candidate calls for a reverse gear

CCC's Mberengwa Central Star Candidate Dr. Takavafira Zhou


2023 Elections: An Opportunity for Transformation of Mberengwa

By Dr. Takavafira Zhou

The darkest hour is just before dawn. Makata anoshura materu. Masango matema achishura machena.

It is a fact that Mberengwa is at crossroads at this historical juncture, with rampant looting, wrecking, siphoning and plundering of it’s mineral resources, environmental terrorism, dust and noise pollution, largely because of lithium, lime, chrome, platinum, antimony, tantalite, gold, iron ore etc mining. There has been largely no ploughing back of proceeds of mining into local development, while local processing of minerals that adds traction has been elusive with the consequent entrenchment of poverty, misery and penury. Kuvimba is a liability and not an asset in Mberengwa. It’s robbery is witnessed by all and sundry, day and night. The Chinese are a liability stealing our lithium, emeralds, lime, chrome, platinum etc under a facade of Look East policy in an era where we should look everywhere be it East, West, North and South. Our votes should speak and stop primitive looting in Mberengwa in the fast moving world of the 21st century.

2023 elections give the people of Mberengwa an opportunity for sustainable development hinged on election of responsible leaders that can effectively tap and harness the natural resources of Mberengwa for sustainable development. As a host community with myriads of natural resources, Mberengwa does not deserve to be underdeveloped. All people of Mberengwa must make critical decisions on 23 August that will determine progress or retardation. The choice is between darkness and light. CCC is the light that must exude far and wide. Every society deserve the type of leaders it chooses. We either have to dig a tunnel from the darkness thrust upon Mberengwa by cabals and cartels looting our natural resources, or else perish as fools.

Dr Takavafira M. Zhou is a CCC candidate in Mberengwa Central & President of PTUZ

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