Strategic ambiguity exposed CCC snakes: Chamisa

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa


Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa said that the party delayed allocating top positions to expose “snakes” within the movement.

The opposition leader’s stance has been described as “strategic ambiguity”.

Chamisa was responding to an X user, who had commented on a post on Unity Day, saying there are too many snakes in the [CCC] party.

The former ICT Minister said the party deferred appointing individuals to top positions so that those who are power-hungry would expose themselves. He said:

Regai dzibude pachena, tisvike takachena! Ndizvo muchiona takanonoka kuti tipanane zvigaro. Taida venyota yesimba nemakaro ezvigaro vabude pachena. Masiriri anonetsa kuchengetedza unoona pasi patota nehavi!!! Lol Let them (snakes) expose themselves so that we reach our destination clean. That’s why we delayed allocating positions amongst ourselves. We did that to expose those thirsty for positions to come out in the open. Those salivating for positions cannot remain hidden indefinitely, they will expose themselves.

CCC has yet to announce its top leadership since its formation in January 2022 amid claims Chamisa has sidelined his former colleagues in the MDC Alliance resulting in tension within the opposition party.

Chamisa is accused of personalising power and the absence of structures has been cited as a factor in the rise of Sengezo Tshabangu, a CCC activist who seized control of the party after claiming to be the interim secretary general.

Tshabangu has been on a recalling spree, targeting those perceived to be close to Chamisa and inadvertently handing parliamentary and council seats to ZANU PF which the opposition party won in the August 2023 general elections.

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