Police boat capsizes in Lake Kariba


A ZIMBABWE Republic Police (ZRP) boat capsized and sank in Lake Kariba, leaving the crew struggling to save themselves in yet another accident in one of Africa’s largest man-made water reservoirs.

While the details surrounding the accident were not yet available, a widely circulated video showed the harrowing scene of policemen crying out for help as rescue boats raced against time to reach the victims who were drowning.

Department of Waters and Inland Lake captain Adan Nyekete confirmed the accident, saying the boat was on a test run.

“We have received reports of the boat which capsized in Lake Kariba. The said the boat was on a test run when the accident happened when water entered through its bottom and the vessel started sinking,” Nyekete said.

The incident has sent shockwaves in the Kariba community after another boat accident claimed the lives of four people near the Nyaodza fishing camp recently.

Meanwhile, stakeholders have called for a comprehensive review of maintenance protocols and safety equipment provisions for boats in Kariba, with concerns mounting over the safety standards of water vessels in the region.


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