Zimbabwe ranked riskiest business destination

President Emmerson Mnangagwa dancing into his second term


President Emmerson Mnangagwa starts his second term with very bad news.

Zimbabwe is now ranked the most riskiest country in Africa for doing business, and it is also sadly ranked as the country with the least investment return in Africa according to the Africa Risk-Reward Index report for 2023.

I have posted the 28 page report in my Telegram channel, get it via this link; t.me/informationhub…

The Control Risks and Oxford Economics Africa report shows how the ZANUPF regime’s policies have tragically failed due to grand incompetence, and massive State corruption which has turned off investors.

Zimbabwe is in dire straits economically as companies are sending out distress notes and some are closing.

The recently appointed cabinet of incompetent and unqualified cronies and relatives has made things worse taking away the little available confidence.

Zimbabwe now has the highest inflation in the world, and it has a dysfunctional banking system with a controlled foreign exchange rate.

Most of the Government’s economic data is no longer used internationally as it is mixed with propaganda which can’t be verified.

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