Don’t subcontract the struggle to Chamisa alone: Robson Ruhanya

CCC Leader Nelson Chamisa


By Robson Ruhanya

As the constitutional and political crisis deepens, citizens are running riot blaming CCC President Adv Nelson for failing to take action against the election rigging, arbitrary arrests, long pre-trial detentions of political leaders, activists, and human rights defenders such as Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala, high levels of unemployment as well as the abuse of the fundamental universal basic freedoms enshrined in the 2013 Constitution.

It must be clear to the citizenry that the national democratization process is not a CCC issue but a collective cause.

All hands on the deck! Where are school pupils who are victims of poor and suicidal policies in the education sector? We have heard of the troublesome CALA that has caused torture and suffering for both parents and learners. As a student of History, I laud more than 20,000 pupils who embraced dangerous freedom against apartheid on June 6, 1976. These pupils had the mettle and nerve to confront the problems facing them in schools after the illegal passing of the Bantu Education Act in 1953.

After getting inspiration from the vibrant Steve Biko’s Black Consciousness Movement, thousands of learners resident in Soweto and beyond displayed the valor to resist the declaration of Afrikaans and English as languages to be used as medium of instruction in black schools. High levels of human butchery were evidenced perpetrated by the Apartheid regime with hundreds left severely injured. The Soweto Uprising which was initiated by schoolchildren became the match stick that lit a bonfire! The independence of South Africa from apartheid was engineered by organic and pragmatic learners in high schools. Where are the schoolchildren in Zimbabwe? Are they ready to claim free and quality education in the motherland? School learners should come on board to win Zimbabwe for everyone!

Where are the educators in schools, universities, and colleges? Do we have professionals in the land between the Zambezi and Limpopo? What role are playing as nurses and doctors who are languishing in abject poverty when the belly politicians in ZANU-PF are consuming on their behalf? Since the introduction of the bond notes in 2016, we have witnessed hyperinflation eroding the workers’ savings and earnings yet no intellectual coordination in the working class. Visit all successful democratic revolutions undertaken across the globe and assess the significant role executed by the workers through their unions.

In the teaching fraternity, educators have been reduced to paupers. They receive slave wages yet are unprepared to confront the satanic regime demanding a living wage. All civil servants have been getting unsalted peanuts since 2016, it is quite perturbing that there is no single call from various unions to converge and face the diabolical Harare regime advocating for better livelihoods. At this juncture, we should see professionals mobilizing for peaceful action demanding the restoration of their dignity. Subcontracting the national democratic to CCC is a blunder. Instead of pursuing the gold mafia, it is ridiculous that poor teachers are falling victim to ZAAC as private lessons are prohibited regardless of the incapacity of the politically inept government to pay civil servants handsomely.

Where are the churches and their supposed role of calling dictators to order as they did during the liberation struggles around Africa? It is ridiculous that the current crop of church leaders have suddenly and shockingly joined the looting wagon. The role of the church has been magnificent in the past when open letters were published denouncing oppression and the gross abuse of human rights. We expect the churches to call a spade a spade amid rigged elections, politically motivated violence, and high social as well as economic decay due to corruption. Church leaders should desist from accepting bribes from the shake-shake building.

Where is Civic Society Zimbabwe? Following a sham election held on the 23rd of August condemned by all observer missions including SADC and the African Union, we expect all human rights defenders to amplify their clamor for legitimate results, a product of free, fair and credible elections. I would like take this opportunity to salute the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights who are always on their heels defending political prisoners. Some of them get incarcerated and tortured for representing their clients.

In the cases of the victimization of officers of the court, it is pathetic that lawyers who are the last line of defense are also persecuted by prosecution which I find bizarre and unacceptable. Prominent lawyer, Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala has endured state-sponsored incarceration at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison on trumped-up charges since 14 June 2022, Kudzai Kadzere was left with a broken arm, Obey Shava had his legs broken, Doug Coltart and Muchineripi endured prison cells for defending victims of state-engineered abductions. The Zimbabwe Law Society should stand firm in protecting the rights of lawyers in Zimbabwe. We anticipate more revolutionary action from lawyers in solidarity with the victimized.

Where is everybody? Citizens should organize and radicalize themselves for peaceful confrontation as enshrined on Section 59 of the supreme law of the country. All affected bonafide Zimbabweans must unite against political, social and economic decay promoted by those who exploit state apparatus as springboards for the primitive accumulation of wealth. School pupils, students, nurses, doctors, teachers, church leaders, business community, peasants, unemployed youths and all other civil servants must unite against those who eat for them. Zimbabwe is not a private property of ZANU-PF cronies, she belongs to all and sundry.

Citizens should have the unity and strength of purpose in the fight against ZANU-PF atheists. Like the Soweto Uprising of 1976, there is no struggle without bruises. Victory is certain with participatory democracy. Let’s all work towards a New Great Zimbabwe for everyone. I urge CCC president Advocate Nelson to lead us at the opportune time. Citizens must commit to pay the ultimate price to attain a complete change in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼.

The struggle is won by a united, committed and dedicated front. The youths should save this country, what is needed is the commitment to.prosecute the national democratic struggle to its logical conclusion

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