Jonso accuses Chamisa of election fraud

Prof. Jonathan Moyo


By Wamanava Mpedzegwa

Exiled former Zimbabwe Minister, Jonathan Moyo, has accused Nelson Chamisa, leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), of election fraud and short-changing the electorate. Moyo’s accusations come in response to Chamisa’s decision to disengage his party from Parliament and Council following the recall of 15 of his MPs.

Moyo described Chamisa’s move as a “kneejerk publicity-stunt” and “an utter and disgraceful dereliction of duty”.

He argued that disengaging from Parliament and urban councils controlled by the CCC is “hopelessly unimaginative and is tantamount to short-changing and defrauding the electorate”.

In a series of tweets, Moyo stated: “It is neither strategic nor a strategy to disengage when the horses have bolted less than 24 hours after the recall of some of your MPs and the banning from Parliament of the rest of your MPs for two weeks, and the docking of their monthly salary over two months for having been found to have conducted themselves on the floor of Parliament in a disorderly and unruly manner unbefitting of Honourable Members of Parliament.”

He further criticized Chamisa’s decision to disengage from urban municipalities controlled by the CCC. Moyo likened this move to “disengaging from your own household or family; it is just crazy.”

Moyo’s comments add another layer to the ongoing political crisis in Zimbabwe. The CCC’s decision to disengage came after an individual named Sengezo Tshabangu, claiming to represent the CCC, recalled 15 MPs. This move was met with protests from CCC members, leading to chaotic scenes in Parliament.

Chamisa has since announced that his party will disengage from all government business until this issue is resolved. However, Moyo contends that there are “lots of strategies and options out there, with meaningful pro-people endgames,” but disengaging from Parliament and urban councils is not among those strategies or options.

As Moyo suggests, it remains to be seen whether Chamisa’s strategy will prove effective or if it will indeed result in short-changing and defrauding the electorate.

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