Mzembi lays bare Zanu PF’s governing tactics

Exiled Former Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi


Former Minister accuses CCC of failing to read politics correctly

In a shocking recent revelation, Walter Mzembi, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, has laid bare the governing tactics of ZANU PF, Zimbabwe’s ruling party.

Mzembi, who is currently in exile, claims that the party has long understood how to govern Zimbabweans using force, propaganda, and fabricated narratives.

ZANU PF’s Scapegoat Themes and Witches

According to Mzembi, ZANU PF has consistently used scapegoat themes such as sanctions, drought, and neocolonialism to divert attention from its governance failures.

Simultaneously, it has popularized witches like sellouts and regime change agents to further its divide-and-rule strategy.

Mzembi states on his Twitter account: “Zanu PF…has studied and understood our people very well, how to unite them for purpose (always invent a scapegoat), and how to divide a people (always invent a witch).”

Divide and Rule Strategy

Mzembi asserts that the survival strategy of the government has always been to divide and rule. This strategy is exercised wherever society convenes; churches, political parties, universities, burial societies etc1. He adds that there has never been a vision to unite Zimbabweans under Zanu PF unless if it’s command unity because united Zimbabweans are stronger than Zanu PF and its Government.

Lack of Genuine Dialogue or Unity

Mzembi further criticizes ZANU PF for its lack of appetite for genuine dialogue or unity. He argues that the people need to deal with political ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), as they are struggling to focus and win one battle at a time.

The SADC Observer Mission Final Report

Mzembi also mentions the SADC Observer Mission Final Report, which he claims has been embargoed despite being a public document. He suggests that the only hint we get that its unfavourable to Zanu PF is how it has turned its child, the Government insane.

Recall of Legislators

He criticizes the recall of 23 legislators from a Parliament officially convened a few days ago as insane but acknowledges that there is a method in the madness and this scorched earth politics.

The Third Term Project

Mzembi warns that everyone is inadvertently part of the Zanu PF succession conundrum and its Third Term Project and how the incumbent wants to succeed himself.

He also criticizes CCC for failing to read the mood and temperature and taking decisive steps to preserve itself and protect the People’s will and vote.

In conclusion, Mzembi calls for focus: “Focus Focus Focus!”, urging Zimbabweans to remain vigilant in their pursuit of change.

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