ZRP destroys 600kg of beef for CCC celebrations


Police officers from Gutu allegedly confiscated and destroyed an estimated 600kg of beef intended for Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Ward 6 victory celebrations that were supposed to be addressed by party leader Nelson Chamisa.

Villagers who came prepared for celebrations went back home disappointed after the meat was destroyed.

The Mirror reported sources as saying that the meat was seized by the police because it was uninspected. It was destroyed by burning at Gutu Abattoir on Thursday.

Police have been accused of double standards as beasts are slaughtered at ZANU PF rallies and fed to supporters without inspection.

In fact, In Zimbabwe, butcheries all over the country including urban areas sell uninspected meat.

CCC’s Chibaya told The Mirror that two beasts were slaughtered for the celebrations which were to run concurrently with a rally at Chiriga Business Centre in Chatsworth, Gutu on Thursday. He said:

I bought a beast for Ward 6 victory celebrations and the second one was bought by Ephraim Morudu who is our party candidate in the Gutu West Parliamentary by-election taking place this Saturday (11 November).

Police impounded the beef from Murodo as he ferried it in his car from Mpandawana to Chiriga and told him that they were going to destroy it because it had no certificate of inspection.

Ward 6 which is in Gutu West is the only rural council seat declared as won by CCC in Gutu District in the 23 August 2023 Harmonised Elections.

Ephraim Morudu was the Citizens Coalition for Change candidate in the Gutu West by-election held on Saturday and came third in the race.

The ZANU PF candidate John Paradza received 12,147 votes, Martin Sebastian Mudzingwa, an independent candidate, received 1,775 votes, and Morudu received 1,258 votes.

The other candidate, Robson Kurwa of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) received 138 votes. There were 132 spoilt papers.

—Masvingo Mirror

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