2024 National Budget the “worst ever” – opposition slams Mthuli Ncube for introducing “anti-people” taxes

Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube must go


CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC), emerged from the National Assembly frothing, trashing Minister of Finance Mthuli Ncube for presenting a budget which burdens the poor.

Ncube tabled a ZWL58.2 trillion before Parliament which saw the Ministry of Primary and Secondary being allocated the biggest chunk.

CCC Member of Parliament Caston Matewu castigated Ncube describing it as “the worst budget” which pushes the majority into poverty.

“This is the worst budget since I have been in Parliament. The worst budget ever presented by the minister of finance. This budget is not people-centred, it is not pro-poor. This budget actually penalises. We have a variety of taxes that have been introduced which are anti-people.

“This budget has been presented in Zimbabwean dollars yet this economy has long dollarised everywhere including the government, including State-owned enterprises. They charge you in US dollars. The whole government collects money in US dollars but he (Ncube) presented his budget in Zimbabwean dollars,” said Matewu.

In his budget presentation, Ncube proposed to introduce taxes whose collections will be directed to the improvement of infrastructure.

Ncube also proposed an upward review of toll fees for “premium” roads such as Harare – Beitbridge and Plumtree-Mutare highways.

Ncube, introduced a levy of US$0.02 per gram of sugar contained in beverages, excluding water, with effect from 1 January 2024.

Matewu said the taxes will hinder foreign direct investment which the country is clamouring for.

“What you are doing is driving away investment because no one wants to come to a country which is going to be double taxed – you are taxed back home and you are taxed here on top of other taxes,” said Matewu.

He added: “Our current account relies on remittances. The Minister of Finance said himself that we are relying on remittances which have kept us positive in terms of balance of payments but that is not sustainable. From what he has said he has not told us how he intends to increase foreign direct investment into the country.

“He also did not address the issue of exchange rate, which is very critical. We need an RBZ that is independent and that only deals with monetary policy without being screwed over by the central government.”

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