Allow strong, fearless leaders to lead, it makes you stronger, Chin’ono tells “weak” Chamisa

LEADER: Pashor Sibanda


Renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has saluted recalled Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) national youth task-force administrator Pashor Sibanda for threatening to go on the streets over the current political situation in Zimbabwe.

The recalled Cowdray Park Member of Parliament, Sibanda says they are determined to claim their election victory by any means necessary.

“As young people we’re ready to defend, secure and advance the future of generations to come.

“The regime must reform, failure to do so the streets shall be the avenue of our struggle,” he told a press conference this afternoon.

“By any means necessary and unnecessary, we’re ready to defend, we’re ready to die for this country.

“We won the election but we’re being taken for granted… The streets will be the avenue for our struggle,” he added.

And Chin’ono says such leaders should be given opportunity to lead.

“I like that he is straight to the point without leaving any grey areas!

“This is what Nelson Chamisa needs to do, allow strong leaders to do what they are capable of, leading.

“They are not a threat to him at all, they make him stronger!”

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