Chief Ndlovu gives Mwonzora sleepless nights

MDC Deputy President Chief Ndlovu


Under fire MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora who is accused of collapsing the once vibrant opposition movement has blamed unnamed enemies for his woes that has seen a plot to oust him from the party thickening.

Mwonzora has become infamous in opposition circles as he stands accused of orchestrating a sinister plot that led to the ouster of Nelson Chamisa from the leadership of the party and losing the Morgan Tsvangirai House, a citadel of opposition politics.

Since taking over the party, the MDC-T has, for the first time since 2000, failed to have a Member of Parliament in both the Upper and Lower House, marking what analysts describe as the death of a strong opposition base that the late former party leader Morgan Tsvangirai built.

This week, officials from the power utility, ZESA, stormed the Morgan Tsvangirai House accusing the opposition party of failing to pay electricity bills and tempering with infrastructure.

To add more misery to Mwonzora, disgruntled workers also locked him out of the party office accusing him of failing to pay them.

“Working on a false and malicious tip-off, ZESA and ZRP officials came. They did not storm the Harvest House but requested permission to enter and we gave them the permission because we had nothing to hide,” Mwonzora said.

“Fortunately when they did their investigation, they realized that the information was false. It was peddled by people who wanted to have the Harvest House closed.”

He also described reports that his party owed workers salaries as hogwash, saying his party was in constant dialogue with its workers whom he said were disturbed by such reports.

Mwonzora could not, however, name the enemies he said were fighting him.

However, reports suggest that Mwonzora is faced with a serious internal plot to oust him and replace him with his deputy Chief Ndlovu who has so far garnered support from most provinces.


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