Mzembi, Kasukuwere criticize China’s weapon donation to Zimbabwe

Walter Mzembi and Savious Kasukuwere


Former Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi and disqualified 2023 presidential candidate Savior Kasukuwere have both taken to social media to voice their shared concerns over China’s recent donation of weapons to Zimbabwe.

Mzembi took to X to convey his disapproval of China’s decision to supply weapons to Zimbabwe.

He drew a vivid analogy, stating, “A friend who arms you with spears and knobkerries when your house is in conflict is a very bad friend. Any loss of life, injury to your children & family, he will be held responsible!”

Mzembi further emphasized the irony of accepting weapons from a friend while simultaneously taking away the family silverware.

He suggested that this act contradicts the expectation of friendship and support, especially when the children are hopeful for intervention and reconciliation from the influential friend.

“The irony is you are taking the family silverware from the same, and you bring to the same father weapons, where the children are actually expecting you as a friend to the father who bears the greatest influence to intervene and reconcile them with their dad,” Mzembi tweeted.

Responding to Mzembi, disqualified 2023 presidential candidate Savior Kasukuwere expressed skepticism about the appropriateness of the weapon donation in the context of internal conflicts, stating, “You mean they have received new knobkerries for disciplinary process in the feuding Dzimbadzamabwe! No flowers 🌹 but bullets and tankers.”

Kasukuwere emphasized the need for support in crucial development areas rather than the provision of weapons.

“We need support for irrigation development, technology transfer, health delivery support and not lithium for slings and bullets,” he remarked, underscoring the importance of focusing on sustainable development, technology advancement, and healthcare.

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