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HOMOUROUS LOVEBIRDS: Efficiency Midzi and Tinashe Dangaiso


By Sibanengi Dube

“Marriage is not always a bed of roses, but it can be fun and enjoyable,” said Efficiency Midzi, one half of the famous Facebook couple, Chihera & Husbae.

The couple gained fame by humorously exposing juicy marriage challenges on Facebook. However, they are far from what they portray on social media. 

They are not your ordinary social media theatre characters of Adychyna comedies type but are academics and entrepreneurs in real life.

Zimbabwe Observer caught up with the couple at their Waterfalls homes in Harare, where they revealed that they happily married and blessed with three children, Alaine (7), Damien (3) and Dearie (1).

Chihera & Husbae’s video clips that are viral on Facebook tackle challenges that are prevalent in marriages. Acted in a car background, the couple engages in real-life topics that provide a genuine insight into marriage life.

 In undiluted couple exchanges, spiced with expressions of jealousy, romance, and squabbles, Tinashe and Efficiency provide a window into what happens behind the doors of married people 1.

Several thousands of their followers are keen to know if Tinashe and Efficiency are married to each other in real life or are mere colleagues in the video shooting business. 

In real life, the die-hard Manchester United supporters are not always fighting as depicted in their social media videos but are lovey-dovey happily married. They are a perfect example of how love and passion can keep a marriage alive.

Their love story is a testament to the fact that marriage is not just about the good times but also about the bad times.

It’s about sticking together through thick and thin, and that’s what makes a marriage successful.

Tinashe Paul Dangaiso and Efficiency Midzi are both academics and entrepreneurs in real life 

They are not just social media entertainers but are also making a difference in their respective fields. 

The couple’s journey to fame began when they started sharing their marriage experiences on Facebook. Their videos quickly went viral, and they became an instant hit among social media users.

Their videos are not only entertaining but also provide a glimpse into the realities of married life.

Chihera & Husbae’s videos are unique in that they are not scripted. The couple draws inspiration from their day-to-day experiences and uses them to create relatable content.

Their videos tackle a wide range of topics, from infidelity to communication breakdowns, and provide practical solutions to these problems.

The couple’s popularity has grown beyond Zimbabwe, with many people from different parts of the world following their videos. They have become a source of inspiration to many couples who are struggling in their marriages.

Tinashe and Efficiency’s love story is a beautiful one. They met while they were both studying at the Midlands State University (MSU).

They have been together for nearly a decade and have managed to keep their love alive despite the challenges that come with marriage.

They both hold master’s degrees from the Great Zimbabwe University. The couple met at MSU in 2010 where they completed their Marketing management degrees.

Efficiency is full-time employed as Head of Finance and Administration at a Harare-based company while the hubby, a first-class marketing degree holder,  is running the couple’s two companies, one trading in IT products and the other offering packaging solutions.

How did they meet?

They were studying Marketing in the same class at MSU when they found themselves without an assignment group. Their lecturer forced them to form their group which marked the genesis of a relationship that matured into a marriage five years later.

“Tinashe started referring to me as his wife when we were working together in the assignment group, and I thought he was joking. And I never thought I will ever be his wife. I repeatedly answered back, telling him that I will never be your wife,” explained Efficiency who insisted that her hubby was a reserved boy at varsity.

“He then sent a message when I was on holiday in South Africa declaring his undying love for me and I just gave in but intending to reverse it upon coming back to MSU next semester,” she explained with nostalgic laughter.

She however could not undo her word as love equally stuck in her heart when the handsome Tinashe showed up when schools opened.

Since then, they have never looked back.

The couple enjoys visiting local resorts areas like Imba Shiri, Mukuvisi and Stephen Margolis.

Tinashe is a man of sobber habits who managed to stay away from the brown bottle, not a popular route with many men. He envoys feasting on Sadza and mabhonzo mixed with green vegetables while Chihera prefers sadza rezviyo and road runner (huku).

Tinashe reigns from Gokwe but attended Ruvimbo Primary School in Kwekwe and also completed his High School at Globe and Phoenix.

The Madam ndewezhira from Masvingo. She did her primary education in Masvingo but moved to Harare for her secondary education.

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