CCC’s “Interim Steering Committee” demands Chamisa officially resign from the party

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa


CCC’s self-appointed nine-member interim steering committee led by Sengezo Tshabangu has demanded that former party leader Nelson Chamisa formally communicate that he has quit the party.

Chamisa on Thursday issued a 13-page statement announcing his resignation from CCC saying the party has been “contaminated” and “hijacked” by the ZANU PF-led government.

Speaking to The NewsHawks last night, CCC interim committee’s treasurer Mbuso Siso said Chamisa should officially write to them since they are running the party. Said Siso:

Unfortunately, he quit this way telling people that he no longer has anything to do with the CCC without officially writing to us as the interim committee running the party.

We only saw his departure on social media and it’s all over the place. All the same, we can’t hold him to ransom to be our leader when he no longer wants to be one.

In the meantime, I will call him – Chamisa – to confirm that he has quit the party. I last spoke to him a month ago when we were dealing with the state of the party and talking about important issues affecting the Matabeleland region.

So I will find out more about his announcement and what we need from him after he has left.

Siso also demanded that Chamisa avail all the books, accounts and records and an inventory of the party’s assets. He said:

As acting treasurer-general, I want all the books, accounts and records of expenditures for accountability purposes.

We need to know from records how much he and the party received from donations and how the money was used.

We also need to know if the party has some assets that should remain in its name after his departure.

According to The NewsHawks, committee running the CCC has Dingilizwe Tshuma, former legislator for Entumbane-Njube constituency in Bulawayo as chair; Albert Mhlanga (former Pumula MP and deputy); Sengezo Tshabangu (secretary-general); Khaliphani Phugeni (information); Sikhululekile Moyo (interim chairperson for women); Nomvula Mguni (ex-proportional representation MP), Mbuso Siso (treasurer) and Benoni Ncube (youth).

This is the Committee which implemented the recalls and is recognised by the State as CCC’s structure.

The activities of the self-imposed committee led Chamisa to quit CCC saying the party has now been “hijacked, bastardised and contaminated” by impostors and fraudsters.

However, Siso told The NewsHawks that the committee is the legitimate structure running the party, especially now that Chamisa has left the party. He said they will work hard to take the party forward.

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