Chamisa – Sikhala rift is non-existent

Nelson Chamisa and Job Sikhala


CCC leader calls for Wiwa’s immediate release

In a recent tweet on X (formerly Twitter), Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), addressed allegations of a political rift with incarcerated politician Job Sikhala.

Chamisa unequivocally asserted that Sikhala’s imprisonment is unjust and vindictive, emphasizing the ongoing fight against oppression for the sake of Sikhala and all citizens facing similar hardships.

Chamisa expressed his stance in response to a user on the platform, stating, “Job is not guilty. He must be freed yesterday. His incarceration is unjust, sadistic, and vindictive. Our daily fight against oppression is for the sake of Job and all the citizens under oppression.”

The Job Sikhala Solidarity Movement Coordinator, Obert Masaraure, echoed Chamisa’s message, highlighting that Chamisa’s statement serves as a refutation to those who speculated about a political discord between the two leaders.

Masaraure emphasized the political unity between Chamisa and Sikhala, stating, “The doomsayers who were claiming that Nelson Chamisa and Job Sikhala are fighting each other have been shamed. There is political unity on the release of Sikhala. The CCC was launched on 24 January, revolutionaries, let’s meet at Court in defiance against authoritarianism.”

Chamisa’s clear and emphatic declaration not only dispels any rumors of a rift but also underscores the CCC’s commitment to standing against injustice and authoritarianism.

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