Cold reception for ED at Wutaunashe church

Prophet Wutaunashe and President Emerson Mnangagwa


Church leader had to force congregants to exhibit excitement over Mnangagwa’s presence

Emerson Mnangagwa, the President of Zimbabwe, was greeted with a cold reception at his own prophet Andrew Wutaunashe’s church yesterday. 

The preacher, Andrew Wutaunashe, had to force his congregation to stand up and put up a scene to cover up for the lack of excitement for the man who rigged the 2023 elections 1.

Wutaunashe apologized to the President, saying, “Your Excellency, we had a small glitch, a miscommunication for which I apologize, that we did not welcome you as a congregation…” 1.

He then forced his church to scream for Mnangagwa.

Andrew Wutaunashe, who founded and leads the Family of God (FOG) church, openly aligned and allied with Zanu PF ahead of the contested General Elections 12

He was one of a number of apostolic sect leaders who openly supported Mnangagwa’s election win 1.

The 2023 elections were marred by anomalies that included delays in availing voting material in perceived opposition strongholds, voter intimidation, unfair access to publicly owned media, and bans on over a hundred Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) rallies in the run-up. 

Election Observer Missions (EOMs), including the SADC, European Union, and The Commonwealth condemned how the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) managed the poll 1

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