Govt imposes 15% on spectacles frames and lenses


By Hopewell Chin’ono

Bad news for Zimbabweans who wear spectacles, out of desperation caused by misplaced political and economic policies, and grand corruption, the Zimbabwean Government has added a 15% tax on all spectacle frames and lenses.

This will push up the price of spectacles by not only 15%; The Zimbabwean Government is also charging another extra 5% customs duty tax which makes the frames and lenses 20% more expensive from today. Call it the Eye Tax, what a shame!

It is unfortunate that the regime has added another financial burden on Zimbabweans who wear spectacles.

Such policies will negatively impact accessibility to essential goods for people with eye problems. Spectacles are not a luxury but a necessary instrument for many Zimbabweans. In countries with normal governments, spectacles are not levied taxes because they are an essential medical instrument.

Access to essential medical instruments is crucial for the well-being of citizens, and policies impacting affordability should be carefully reconsidered for their broader impact on public health.

Already old people who wear spectacles were struggling because their pensions and savings were looted twice by the same political mafia called ZANUPF!

The tragedy is that these taxes are taken to big luxury cars and flying in private jets when old people in rural areas are struggling to see because they can’t afford spectacles!

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