Madam Boss sues Olive Tree infant Academy

Madam Boss


SOCIALITE and entrepreneur Madam Boss has instructed her lawyers to demand an apology after claims tarnishing her newly-opened junior school, Madam Boss Kidz Corner.

This is after one of their competitors, Olive Tree Infant Academy, took legal action against Madam Boss Kids Corner adminstrator Jane Kasu.
She resigned from their employment, accusing her of taking trade secrets, teaching methods and clients to Madam Boss’ school.

Olive Tree Infant Academy sued Kasu for US$50 000 in damages, raising allegations which Madam Boss says have tarnished her reputation and business.

Kasu has entered an appearance to defend the suit which Madam Boss believes has been made as a “smokescreen” aimed at stifling the momentum and derailing the rise of Madam Boss Kids Corner as a force to reckon with.

In a letter through her lawyer Admire Rubaya( addressed to Olive Tree Infant Academy lawyers Mundia and Mudhara, Madam Boss described the allegations as malicious and aimed at tarnishing her image as a socialite and businesswoman.
She gave Olive Tree Infant Academy 48 hours to apologise and retract the claims by withdrawing the suit.

“Our client instructs us to register its displeasure and unequivocal disappointment with the contents of your client’s alleged particulars of claim which are far from focusing on the purported claim for damages, but veer into a territory that is irrelevant, inflammatory, and frankly offensive to our clients.

“These attacks, targeting their teaching methods, materials and even strategic plans, are not only unfounded but also highly disrespectful. “The particulars of claim make systematic attacks to our client’s teaching methods, material, strategic operational plans as if they reflect your own ideas and that they are not products of our clients’ original ideas.”

Madam Boss says the claims by Olive Tree Infant Academy are born out of jealousy and malice and an insult to her creative mind.

“To be clear, our client has proudly developed its own educational identity from
the ground up. They have no need to imitate or borrow from any competitor, including your client. “Suggesting otherwise is not only a gross misrepresentation but also an insult to their innovation and dedication as they are not copycats.
“Our clients are pacesetters and or trendsetters who thrive on originality and superior logic,” the letter reads.

It is her argument that the claims emanate from a point of fear of competition on the part of Olive Tree Infant Academy.

“Your client’s fear of a “new kid on the block” based solely on the employment of a former employee who resigned in September, 2022 is frankly unbecoming. Should competition be a source of fear, then perhaps your client’s own business model needs reevaluation.

“With respect, your clients are not the last borns of intelligence and business acumen neither do your clients have the monopoly
over business ideas, teaching methods and strategic management skills.”

She has denied allegations of copying the Academy or going after their clients’ database by employing their former employee.

“They have never accessed your alleged parents database that belongs to your clients. As such, the claim that our client accessed your client’s alleged parents database is not only baseless but also a serious accusation requiring concrete

“Our client, Tarisai Chikocho-Munetsiwa, enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a respected artist and socialite. To suggest she would
engage in such tactics is not only defamatory but also a demonstrably false
characterization,” the letter reads.

She further stated that Kasu has a right to associate and with anyone she wants, describing attempts to stop her as monopolistic arrogance and lack of apprehension of competition.

“Just as Jane Kasu had the right to join our client’s school, parents have the right to
choose the best educational environment for their children. To claim otherwise
smacks of monopolistic arrogance and a fundamental misunderstanding of the competitive landscape,” the letter reads.


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