CCC abandoned me at an hour of need: Wiwa

Job Wiwa Sikhala


Former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Member of Parliament, Job Sikhala, who endured a 600-day prison sentence, has made scathing remarks, alleging that his opposition colleagues failed to provide support during his time behind bars.

Sikhala, known for his outspoken stance and activism, expressed his disappointment in a pointed statement, stating that none of the current key figures in the opposition took any meaningful action to assist him during his incarceration.”

I was abandoned in prison, and neither of the current protagonists in the quarrel and conflict within the opposition ranks did absolutely anything about me when I was under incarceration,” Sikhala asserted. “

There is nothing much that would interest me in their conflict; these are the people who neglected me while I was in prison. They have never raised a finger.”

The former CCC MP emphasized that the responsibility of securing his freedom rested solely on his family, close friends, and allies who fought tirelessly for his release.

Sikhala’s remarks shed light on what appears to be a lack of solidarity within the opposition ranks, raising questions about the cohesion and support network within the political community.

Sikhala’s accusations highlight the challenges faced by political figures when dealing with internal conflicts and personal crises.

The fact that he feels neglected by his fellow opposition members during a critical period in his life reflects a potential fracture within the opposition, overshadowing their collective efforts.

The statement also raises broader questions about the unity and commitment within the opposition, as internal conflicts may hinder their ability to present a cohesive front against the ruling party.

Sikhala’s claim of being left to the support of his family and close associates suggests a need for greater solidarity and mutual support among opposition members.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how Sikhala’s allegations will impact the dynamics within the opposition and whether it will prompt a reevaluation of their internal relationships.

In the face of external challenges, the need for a united front becomes increasingly crucial for any political movement striving for change.

Job Sikhala’s accusations of abandonment by his opposition colleagues during his imprisonment shed light on internal divisions within the political landscape. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of solidarity and support within political circles, especially during challenging times.

As the opposition navigates its way forward, addressing internal conflicts and fostering unity will be essential for its continued effectiveness in advocating for change.

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