Chivhayo won tender to supply election material


..that is the loot he is using to buy luxury cars for people who helped Zanu PF during election campaign, writes Hopewell Chin’ono

Wicknell Chivhayo corruptly got the biggest contract to supply election materials last year, millions of dollars were paid to him!

He is now using part of that loot to buy luxury cars for the people who helped ZANUPF during its election campaign, buying cars from a garage owned by sons of a powerful politician in Zimbabwe.

Not even a single member of the opposition has dealt with this issue or said a word about it, yet they know about it in detail.

They are busy tearing each other apart when the crooks are bleeding the country of millions of taxpayer dollars, what then are you opposing!

The regime awarded an overpriced contract corruptly, they are now using some of that money to pay the people that helped their election campaign, they are doing so by buying cars from a car dealership owned by a son of one of the most powerful political ZANUPF elites, the opposition is quiet, the citizens are calling the crook used to front this corrupt deal a great philanthropist.

We are such a useless people, you bash each other when the biggest hospital has only ONE maternity theatre and 2500 pregnant women are dying every year, the whole country has no radiotherapy cancer treatment machine, unemployment is at 95%, the country has the highest inflation in that world at 1,250%, and the local currency has lost 95% buying power!

How sweet! Keep foolishly bashing each other whilst the crooks loot and plunder your money and natural resources!

Meanwhile thank you to all those who are engaging in constructive dialogue and promoting transparency in addressing this rampant looting.

Corruption and misuse of public funds are serious issues that deserve our immediate attention. It is important for the opposition to raise awareness and demand accountability from the looters!

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