Mohadi endorses ED’s third term bid

Vice President Kembo Mohadi


By Hopewell Chin’ono

One of Zimbabwe’s two Vice Presidents, Kembo Mohadi, has publicly endorsed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s third term ambition.

It must be said that if it happens, it would be ILLEGAL! Zimbabwe’s constitution does not allow a sitting president to benefit from such a constitutional amendment even if it were done legally, it can only benefit the one who comes after him.

The second thing is that ZANUPF has NO two-thirds majority in the two Houses of Parliament which is a requirement to change the constitution.

But of course it can bribe opposition MPs who have already shown that they are susceptible to bribery. Finally, such an amendment must first go through a referendum to pass, but of course Mnangagwa has ZEC for that.

So after going through all these requirements, a third term can only pass through an illegality by the Zimbabwean judiciary. Well, Mnangagwa bought houses for almost all judges when he gave them housing loans around US$400,000 each.

The only thing that can stop Mnangagwa’s third term bid are the people! At the moment I don’t know what their state of mind is in defending the constitution, time will tell!

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