No-one can stop ED’s third term bid: Mzembi

Exiled Former Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi


By Walter Mzembi

” Power is sweet ” – President Chiluba of Zambia  on his bid for a Third Term after reneging on his commitment in line with the Constitution to serve two ( 2 ) terms only . Its very difficult to let go this aphrodisiac called Power!

So back home, to what is emerging as a Third Term campaign for ED who himself strenuously denies wanting it, and no President ever says bluntly he wants it, the question to ask is;

What really is the urgency of this Third Term bid by whoever is pushing it at the very beginning of serving a Second Five year term ? In fact just in the 6th month of a 5 year term?

Technically speaking for pensionable purposes ED is in his 3rd Term after finishing the remainder of Robert Mugabe ‘s term post November 2017 coup.

So he could retire to a very secure third term pensionable life of a former Head of State. Is he gambling for fourth pensionable term, the remainder of which he will pass on, which to my seasoned mind may be the case or a Life Presidency depending on when the clock gets stuck on him?

In all instances there is a constituency that wants him to stay, a significant one only to milk the situation ad infinitum.   Whatever it is we have been there before, there is nothing new under the sun …21st February today reminds us, we have been there before.

The second question to ask is can anyone STOP him , to which I can safely  say No. No one can stop this bid but because it is so much negative energy in the midst of more pressing issues in the country my attitude towards it  is, bring it on , get it done with so we move to the bleeding Economy which needs more  serious attention , after all  Terms are given by God , He sets the limits .

By the end of the Third Term, ED still won’t have done half of Mugabe ‘s 37 years in office! He is not competing with the living, whom he has evidently vanquished, so give him what he wants, it probably will accelerate us to change faster and more peacefully than resisting.

Kumusha vanoti zvipei doro! Its for everyone ‘s peace . He was writing on X

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