Afraid Of Mnangagwa Removal, Police Cancel Blue Movement’s Gweru Rally

ON SPOTLIGHT: President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa


In a startling turn of events, police have violently blocked the scheduled Blue Movement rally set to take place in Mkoba on Sunday morning. Officers moved in abruptly, ordering the cancellation of the rally at the last minute, prompting a swift response from top activist Madzibaba EShanduko and leader Amos Chibaya, who spoke exclusively with ZimEye regarding the incident.

Amos Chibaya, a respected figure within the movement, expressed disbelief at the police’s actions, asserting that full clearance had been obtained for the rally, only for the authorities to backtrack on what he described as flimsy grounds. Despite the setback, Chibaya reaffirmed the Blue Movement’s commitment to holding meetings, vowing that they would not be deterred by such tactics.

In an exclusive statement to ZimEye, Chibaya shed light on the potential motivations behind the police’s sudden cancellation of the rally, linking it to broader political tensions stemming from the contentious elections held seven months prior.

“They know that they did not win elections; when you are in this state, your conscience continues to haunt you,” Chibaya stated. “So they are afraid that the people of Zimbabwe might just wake up one day, one morning, to instruct them to leave office, and the entire country has been painted blue. The whole country is saying the person who won elections is Nelson Chamisa… so they are afraid that the people might soon just march to State House.”

The interview with Chibaya offers insight into the underlying political dynamics at play, with tensions running high amid allegations of electoral fraud and growing dissent among the populace. As the Blue Movement vows to press on despite the obstacles, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges facing political activism in Zimbabwe and the ongoing struggle for democratic rights and freedoms.

Listen to the full interview with Amos Chibaya below for further insights into this developing story.

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