Eddie Cross puts Wicknell Chivhayo in his place

Eddie Cross


Chivhayo is a nasty corrupt businessman

Wicknell Chivhayo neither employs anybody nor create anything nor make anything even though he is a multi-millionaire.

In a recent interview with Heart and Soul TV, former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Monetary Policy Committee member Eddie Cross didn’t mince his words when discussing controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo. Cross, who served on the committee until 2021, described Chivayo as corrupt and criticized his business practices.

Chivhayo has been making headlines for his lavish gift-giving, particularly luxury cars, to musicians and social media influencers who support or perform at ZANU-PF events. However, Cross expressed skepticism about the source of Chivayo’s wealth, stating that there are no visible signs of legitimate business activity.

According to Cross, Zimbabwe is home to many wealthy individuals whose wealth is not easily traceable. He mentioned money trading as a common source of wealth for such individuals, citing an example of a wealthy individual who identified himself as a money changer but did not employ anyone or create anything tangible.

Cross also reflected on his time as part of the RBZ Monetary Policy Committee, admitting that he could have done more to address corruption within the system. However, he claimed that his outspokenness led to his dismissal from the committee.

The scathing remarks from Cross shed light on the ongoing concerns surrounding corruption and transparency in Zimbabwe’s business landscape, particularly among influential figures like Chivayo.

Cross was scathingly critical of Chivhayo’s lifestyle:

“Wicknell…Wicknell is just a nasty, corrupt businessman playing games. I don’t know where he makes his money. There is no visible sign.”

He also said there are many rich people in Zimbabwe who have no traceable wealth:

“There are lots of people in Zimbabwe with no visible signs of business activity, who don’t employ anybody but they are rich. Lots of them. And one of the big things is money trading.

“My daughter went to a dinner party the other day. Three or four luxury cars in the garage, swimming pool, lovely house, garden. They asked the owner of the house, the host, ‘What do you do?’ [He responded] a money changer. I’m a money dealer. Doesn’t employ anybody, doesn’t create anything, doesn’t make anything, but he’s a multi-millionaire.”

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