Eric Knight declares 200% support for Chamisa

THE GENERAL: Erick Knight


By Eric Knight

Hello Zimbabwe!
I’m tired of the question. Let me make it crystal clear once and for all. Listen carefully my fellow Zimbabweans, I respect your incredible appreciation of my other God given gifts.
But politically I am for Nelson Chamisa.

If he is wrong then I’m wrong. I’m okay with that wrongness. God will correct me if I am but that’s where He is directing me. That’s me!

I do not have to explain to anyone my reasons and by the way I was, am not and will never be a ‘blind follower’ to anyone as a lot of critics love to say.
It’s not Nelson Chamisa the person that I support, it is Nelson Chamisa the brand, the character, the personality, the ideology and Nelson Chamisa as a principle.

And I will tell you this, when I say I stand with Nelson Chamisa it’s not because I want anything from him, not even a position and he knows it because I told him a few years back.

In fact, with all due respect to my brothers and sisters who survive from vending, I would rather join them in selling bananas in a happy Zimbabwe than being a Cabinet Minister in a sad, hungry, bleeding and oppressed nation.

After all national positions and responsibilities are given by God, and everything I have been was divinely apportioned to me.

There is nothing I lack in my life, I can easily keep quiet and forget about Zimbabwe and enjoy the comfort of a well governed country that I currently live in.
My conscience does not allow me to ignore and look aside when the very people who made me what I became are suffering. That is why I am constantly and consistently vocal.

I hold no personal hatred with any political leader but I will say things that may not be sweet to their ears because God also gave me a voice loud enough to be heard where not many’s voices can be heard.

I want to be side by side (Not to follow) someone who most importantly I know thinks about God and the people day and night.
Nelson Chamisa represents that.

I call him Nelson because he is a friend and a brother humble enough not to be obsessed by titles and salutations.
I insist and repeat my friends, this is the man, this the best foot forward that our country is crying for.
Having said that, as a matter of importance, if you have a different opinion, that does not make you my enemy and vice versa.

In the book of Genesis, the first gift that God gave to the first man Adam was the freedom to choose between the bad and the good but with consequences.

I choose Nelson 200%!

I hope you will all understand me. I am not asking you, I am telling you.
I love you all.

God Bless Zimbabwe 🇿🇼!
God Bless its Citizens!
God Bless Africa!

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