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Kenya President William Ruto, Wicknell Chivhayo and President Emerson Mnangagwa


Concerns Regarding the President’s Association of Wicknell Chivhayo with the Zimbabwean Govt

President of Zimbabwe

Office of The President

Munhumutapa Building

Samora Machel Ave


Subject: Concerns Regarding the Association of Wicknell Chivhayo with the Zimbabwean Government

Your Excellency,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to express my deep concerns regarding the reported association of Wicknell Chivhayo, a convicted criminal, with the Zimbabwean Government, particularly his participation in official engagements such as the meeting with President Ruto of Kenya. This association has raised significant alarm among the citizens of Zimbabwe, as it seems to contradict the principles of transparency, accountability, and the fight against corruption that your administration has championed.

I understand that Mr. Chivhayo has recently sought to have his criminal record from 2005 reversed through legal means, as reported in The Herald (source: Link to News:WicknellChivayoSeekstoHaveCriminalRecord_Reversed). While it is within his rights to pursue legal remedies, it is crucial to consider the potential implications of associating with individuals who have been convicted of serious criminal offences.

As a concerned citizen, I would like to highlight the importance of consistency in the application of principles and standards when it comes to the association of public figures with individuals who have a criminal background. Your Excellency, I recall your firm stance in removing former President Robert Mugabe, citing that he was “surrounded by criminals.” This decision was seen as a crucial step in addressing corruption and restoring public confidence and trust in the government.

Given this context, the recent association of Mr. Chivhayo with the Zimbabwean Government, particularly in an official capacity, raises questions about the commitment to upholding the principles that led to the removal of former President Mugabe. It is essential to avoid sending mixed messages to the public and ensure that the government’s actions align with its stated objectives.

Parading Mr. Chivhayo as a de facto official of the Zimbabwean Government during the meeting with President Ruto of Kenya has not only raised eyebrows but also damaged the reputation of our nation. It is vital to consider the potential negative consequences of such associations, both domestically and internationally. The perception of Zimbabwe as a country that tolerates or even promotes individuals with criminal backgrounds can harm our international standing and hinder efforts to attract foreign investment and foster positive diplomatic relations.

Your Excellency, I humbly urge you to consider the concerns of the citizens and reevaluate the association of Mr. Chivhayo with the Zimbabwean Government. Upholding the highest ethical standards and maintaining a strong stance against corruption are essential for the progress and development of our nation. By taking decisive action to distance the government from individuals with criminal records, you will demonstrate your unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability, and good governance.

Your actions will not only shape the perception of our government but also impact the future trajectory of Zimbabwe. Let us strive together to build a nation that upholds the rule of law, fights corruption, and fosters a prosperous future for all Zimbabweans.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi

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