Macheso ‘suspension of Majuice irks fans

SUSPENDED: Selemani Mpochi popularly known as Majuice


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The dance floor trembled, and the rhythm faltered as the spotlight swung toward the center stage. The crowd held its collective breath, waiting for the familiar whirlwind of energy that was Selemani “Majuice” Mpochi.

But on this fateful night, the stage remained empty, and the music hung in the air like a broken promise.

Alick Macheso, the undisputed king of sungura music, had made a decision—one that would reverberate through the entertainment world. His lead dancer, Majuice, stood suspended, caught in the crossfire of indiscipline. The whispers had been growing louder, like a catchy chorus, and finally, the maestro had played his last note of patience.

JIVING: Majuice doing what he knows best with his boss Aleck Macheso

Majuice, with his sinuous moves and electric charisma, had been the heartbeat of Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

But lately, he’d been pushing the boundaries, arriving fashionably late for rehearsals and performances. The management had issued warnings, but Majuice danced to his own rhythm, believing he was untouchable.

“You are not bigger than Mberikwazvo,” the management had told him, their voices echoing backstage.

But Majuice had shrugged it off, his ego inflated like a balloon at a carnival. Until that fateful tour of Masvingo during the Easter holidays.

The crowd had waited, their anticipation turning to impatience. Majuice had sauntered in, his swagger intact, but the clock had ticked mercilessly. The man himself—Alick Macheso—had taken the stage, and still, no Majuice. The crowd shifted, murmuring like a restless river.

“Go home until further notice,” the management had decreed. The spotlight had dimmed, and Majuice had vanished into the shadows. His absence was palpable, like a missing beat in a favorite song.

“There is only one leader,” Macheso had declared, his voice slicing through the tension. “And it’s only Mopao Mokonzi.” The crowd had erupted, torn between loyalty and curiosity. Who would fill Majuice’s shoes?

Enter Kariba, another dancer equally skilled, equally hungry. He stepped into the spotlight, his moves precise, his energy contagious. The crowd cheered, and Macheso nodded approvingly. The lead dancer’s spot was no longer vacant—it had found a new tenant.

As Majuice licked his wounds, rumors swirled. Word had it that he’d crossed the line, not just late but over the edge. He’d joined forces with Macheso’s rival, the enigmatic Slomo, his former employer. The dance floor had become a battlefield, and the fans took sides.

“Kutamba hakuriri,” Macheso had declared, his eyes blazing. “Waya ndidzo dzinorira.” The crowd had roared, and Kariba had danced on, a worthy successor.

And so, the saga unfolded—a tale of discipline, rivalry, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Majuice’s star had dimmed, but the show went on. As Macheso sampled new songs for his upcoming album, the sungura world held its breath. And somewhere in the shadows, Majuice plotted his next move, a silent beat waiting to crescendo.

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