No salary review for ‘underpaid’ civil servants unless economy improves: Mnangagwa

President Emerson Mnangagwa


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government is continuing to neglect the welfare of civil servants, failing to promise an improvement in their salaries and working conditions unless the comatose economy shows signs of recovery.

During his Independence Day speech at Murambinda B High School in Manicaland on Thursday, Mnangagwa said civil servants’ salaries would only be reconsidered when the economy gets better.

“The welfare of our civil servants will continue to be reviewed in line with economic sustainability,” said a cryptic Mnangagwa.

The 44th Uhuru gala was hosted in Manicaland as part of the government’s decision to rotate the event across provinces.

Mnangagwa reiterated that the welfare of government employees would be assessed based on economic fundamentals.

The statement by the Zanu PF leader is likely to further dampen the spirits of already desperate civil servants, particularly teachers, nurses, and doctors, who have expressed dissatisfaction with their low salaries. This has led to strikes and other subtle forms of boycott that have irked Mnangagwa and his henchmen.

He also urged local authorities to better their performance and provide quality services such as water, roads, clinics and other social amenities.

“The Call to Action initiative, which I launched last year, compels all local authorities to refocus towards a people-centred development thrust and quality service delivery.

“Poor performance from our local authorities is not acceptable. Our people deserve to enjoy a higher quality of life anchored from the grassroots level upwards,” he said.

Councils allege that government, besides undermining their resources mobilisation efforts, is primarily responsible for residents and ratepayers’ failures to pay for service delivery due to the struggling economy.

After four decades of independence amid collapsed education and health sectors, Mnangagwa told thousands gathered for the festivities that he had improved their lot significantly.

“The overall economic outlook remains bright. Our country’s GDP (gross domestic product) is now exceeding US$47 billion up from US$16 billion in 2018.

“This shows that we, the descendants of the Great Munhumutapa are a resilient, focused, determined and hardworking people. Zimbabwe is winning,” he said.

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