Zimbabwe worst governed country in Sadc

President ED Mnangagwa


ZIMBABWE has been ranked as one of the worst governed countries in southern Africa by World Economics, a respected economic research institute based in the United Kingdom.

The country is also in the top 10 worst governed countries in Africa, underlining its descent over the years.

The report, released last week, cites economic mismanagement, corruption, and political repression as key factors contributing to this ranking.

The report assessed governance across a range of indicators, including political rights, civil liberties, rule of law, regulatory quality, and economic effectiveness.

Zimbabwe scored poorly in all categories. The governance index as set by World Economics, gives equal weight to all four criteria set by the researchers.

Based on the ranking, Zimbabwe had a grade of E with an index score of 29,0.

At the bottom of the ranking is Libya with a grade of E and an index of 15,4.

Also at the bottom is the Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya and Chad.

Southern Africa has the best governed countries in Africa with Mauritius taking the first place followed by Namibia, South Africa and Botswana.

Namibia is ranked second with a grade of B, followed by South Africa and Botswana.

The ranking placed Ghana as the fifth best-governed country on the African continent and the best-governed country in West Africa.

With a grade of B and an index of 61,7, Ghana secured the fifth position ahead of Senegal, the closest West African counterpart ranked sixth with a grade of C and an index of 53,6.

Zimbabwe is battling the worst economic crisis in years which has seen authorities scrapping the local currency after it depreciated sharply.

A new currency was introduced on Friday.


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