Bid to remove Zuma fails

SURVIVOR: Jacob Zuma


The founder of the uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MK Party) Jabulani Khumalo is in a bid to have former president Jacob Zuma removed from the position of MK Party president.

Khumalo, who was removed as president of the MK Party last month and expelled from the organisation, has written to the Electoral

Commission of SA (IEC) requesting the electoral body to remove Zuma, who is currently the face of the party, from the ballot.

“I write to you in my capacity as the president of the uMkhonto weSizwe Party. This is to request the immediate removal of Mr. Zuma’s name as the face of the MKP and president of MKP.

“He occupies both positions through fraudulent and illegal manoeuvres,” he said in a letter to the IEC.

While Zuma assisted with raising funds for the MK Party’s registration with the IEC, Khumalo said, the former president was not the organisation’s founder.

“At all times, it was always understood that Mr. Zuma was not a member of the MKP, but would assist in the campaign.

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