Zanu PF youth leader in hot soup for refusing to chant ED 2030 slogan as factionalism escalates

UNDERFIRE: Danmore Mambondiyani


ZANU PF’s youth league deputy secretary for administration, Danmore Mambondiyani, has reportedly faced suspension from the party, purportedly due to his resistance against certain members’ calls for an extension of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s term beyond 2028.

According to sources cited by The NewsHawks, Mambondiyani stands accused of various infractions, including allegedly bringing a bag of cash to a national youth executive meeting and offering sums of US$200 and US$100 to Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs John Paradza and Secretary for Youth Affairs Tinotenda Machakaire, respectively.

Machakaire serves as the Minister of Youth Empowerment, Development, and Vocational Training, while Paradza holds the position of Deputy Minister for Environment, Climate, and Wildlife.

The allegations against Mambondiyani are said to have originated from a ZANU PF national executive meeting on May 9, during which he purportedly declined to participate in chants supporting the extension of Mnangagwa’s presidency beyond the constitutional two-term limit.

The youth national executive meeting was convened to appoint eight new members to the national executive, including Kudakwashe Mnangagwa, the President’s son, who assumed the role of deputy secretary for external affairs.

Other appointments included Emily Jesaya, Deputy Minister of Sport, Arts, Recreation, and Culture, appointed as deputy secretary for mines, and Charles Munganasa, appointed as deputy secretary for local government, who also serves as a board member of the state-controlled Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and recently assumed the role of acting chief executive of the company.

During the meeting, Mambondiyani reportedly faced questioning for his refusal to participate in slogans advocating for Mnangagwa’s term extension, contrary to the majority’s stance.

Allegedly, Mambondiyani had previously expressed his opinion that Mnangagwa should step down in 2028 and pass the reins to his deputy, Constantino Chiwenga.

In a letter addressed to Mambondiyani, ZANU PF’s youth secretary for legal affairs, Phineas Makombe, cited conduct deemed inappropriate for a National Executive Member, particularly highlighting an incident where Mambondiyani allegedly attempted to influence the meeting’s proceedings by publicly endorsing himself for a vacant position within the National Executive Council and engaging in actions suggestive of vote-buying.

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