Malema stands firm with foreigners amid election criticism

EFF Commander-In-Chief Julius Malema


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Julius Malema, the President of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), stood firm on the party’s open border policy during a recent press conference, asserting their commitment to welcoming black Africans to South Africa.

In a defiant tone, Malema refuted claims that the EFF’s support for African migrants had cost them votes, stating, “Our love for our African brothers and sisters is non-negotiable. We will not compromise on our principles of Pan-African unity.”

Malema went on to address the political landscape, highlighting the contrasting approaches of different parties on immigration issues.

He remarked, “If South Africans truly desired a xenophobic stance, Herman Mashaba of ActionSA would have seen greater electoral success.” This pointed remark underscored Malema’s belief that the EFF’s unwavering stance on immigration aligns with their core values of inclusivity and solidarity with fellow Africans.

In a scathing critique of other political parties, Malema took aim at the Patriotic Alliance (PA) for their anti-immigrant rhetoric and limited electoral gains. Mocking the PA’s “habahambe” (let them go back) messaging, Malema quipped, “Despite their calls for foreigners to leave, they could only secure two seats. The irony is not lost on us.”

Amidst the discourse on immigration and xenophobia, Malema also addressed the role of the African National Congress (ANC) in the influx of foreigners to South Africa. He pointed out, “The ANC is responsible for bringing foreigners to our country, yet they were still voted in by South Africans.” This statement underscored the complex dynamics at play in the political landscape, where issues of immigration intersect with broader electoral considerations.

Julius Malema’s unapologetic defense of an open border policy and his vocal rejection of xenophobia position the EFF as a party that champions African solidarity and inclusivity.

As the political discourse continues to evolve, Malema’s statements serve as a reminder of the party’s commitment to Pan-African ideals and their willingness to challenge prevailing narratives on immigration in South Africa.

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