Chiwenga is not planning a coup again to dispose Mnangangwa, Wadyajena

Hon. Justice Wadyajena


While addressing hundreds of party supporters in his constituency last weekendGokwe Nembudziya Legislator Justice Mayor Wadyajena warned party supporters against falling for divisive gossip following widespread social media rumours that Vice President Constantino Chiwenga wanted to topple President Mnangagwa from power, the Daily News reports.

Calling on his party supporters to shun “divisive” rumours Wadyajena said:

There are people who were spreading rumours, lying in the name of Vice President Chiwenga ahead of the planned July 31 protests by the opposition. We do not want rumour mongers in the party.Be wary of the MDC people coming to you with money for you to sell out …

If you hear something, immediately tell your chairperson that there is a snake in the house. Let us be united like the old Zanu PF that we know. The VP is not plotting a coup. He knows the president is his senior. If the vice president wants to be president he will wait for his time. In fact, he could have taken power in 2017 if he had wanted to do so.

Wadyajena at the same meeting also urged COCTO to pay cotton farmers promptly and to give them real money and groceries for their cotton.

–Daily News


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