Manyika turns down ED’s invitation to join POLAD

President of Build Zimbabwe, Noah Manyika


Build Zimbabwe Alliance (BZA) leader Noah Manyika has turned down President Mnangangwa’s invitation to join the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD).

In his Tweet yesterday, Manyika said he had no desire to join President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD).

Manyika was a presidential candidate in the disputed 2018 elections and is therefore eligible to join the State House initiated by Mnangagwa in 2019.

Speaking after the POLAD interlocutors had met at State House earlier in the day, Manyika said Mnangagwa is deluded in thinking that everyone is desperate to join the gravy train. He tweeted:

I just received an inquiry from a journalist about Mnangagwa’s statement today inviting those who have so far refused to join POLAD to do so. I responded as follows:

Mnangagwa is still operating under the delusion that everyone is desperate to join the gravy train. I am not.

He still believes everyone can be bought, threatened, coerced into cooperating with his repressive, corrupt and incompetent regime.

The fight is not to join POLAD, but for freedom. The fight is to change a sadistic and selfish system whose true colours have now become evident to all.

The real message from Mnangagwa is when we saw the abduction and torture of Mathuthu’s relative, and Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume in leg irons and much much more.

The message is evident through the Neanderthal thinking that the brutal reality in our country can be changed by denying it, or that calls by the clergy for the government to do what’s right should be used as an opportunity to threaten Ndebeles.

Mnangagwa’s message is clear when he attempts to use an issue as critical as land to separate the white community from the rest of the Zimbabweans who live tortured lives under his regime

Mnangagwa’s imperious statements that assume everyone will go crawling to State House at his call demonstrate the extent of his delusions of grandeur. Ultimately, no authoritarian, no matter how vicious, can escape the consequences of their own folly.

One day, Zimbabwe shall be free, and those who abuse God’s children shall be gone.

Noah Manyika on Twitter


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