PTUZ, ARTUZ responses to teachers salary increment

Dr. Takavafira Zhou


The militant teachers’ union, Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) and Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) dismissed the salary adjustment of teachers as inadequate.

PTUZ and ARTUZ said teachers were still incapacitated and maintained that they will not go back to classes until their demands are met.

Below are the tweets

1/2 This is a joke. The gvt intends to deceive the world into believing that they adjusted our salaries. To the contrary they simply added current teacher income to COVID19 allowance and announced the total figure. Teachers have been earning the same inadequate income since July.

Same difference. The announcement is actually hot air. The deception won’t work. Our members remain incapacitated. The $75 deposited into our members’ accounts changes nothing. Still a gulf between our minimum demands and gvt’s insult issued today. Amanda!!!!

Dear Parents, Gvt doesn’t care about your children, withdraw them from schools because our members are not coming back until crisis is resolved. We cannot subside gvt by reporting for work using borrowed funds. Never again. Cabinet chose to bury heads in the sand. Pity the kids.

Rabson Chere, Secretary General of ARTUZ


COVID 19 allowance expires in December 2020. The ZWL 12 000 announced is below the modest monthly budget of a low income earner as announced by CCZ, pegged at over ZWL 20 000. We still humbly submit that gvt should restore the value of our salaries. Trs remain incapacitated.


This offer still fall short of our expectations. We hope government will attend to the issue of restoring the value of our salaries to restore normalcy in our schools.


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