Man killed for cooking oil

Biet bridge man was beaten to death for allegedly stealing cooking oil


Four Beitbridge men have been arrested after they allegedly assaulted to death a suspected thief whom they accused of stealing seven boxes of cooking oil from one of them.

The development was confirmed by Matebeleland South provincial police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Philisani Ndebele who said the accused all from Dilibadzimu area in Beitbridge assaulted the now deceased Stewart Moyo (35)

The accused, Onious Mangwanda (45), Peter Murombo (32), Nhamo Mbedzi (35) and Mgcini Nyoni (35) assaulted the suspect on Saturday around 3 AM. Chief Inspector Philisani said:

I can confirm that we recorded a murder case which occurred in Mangava Suburb in Beitbridge. The now deceased Stewart Moyo reportedly went to a caravan motor vehicle owned by accused person number one at around 1AM and stole seven boxes of cooking oil and loaded them in a Honda Fit.

He was seen by the accused person while committing the offence who then alerted his accomplices.

Upon seeing that he had been spotted, Moyo fled from the scene in his vehicle. The accused persons pursued Moyo in another vehicle and they caught up with him and blocked his path. Moyo’s vehicle fell into a sewer pit which is under construction.

He added that the four pulled the now deceased from his car and started assaulting him until he became unconscious.

A passerby reportedly saw the accused assaulting the suspected thief and notified the police who arrested them. The suspected thief was taken to Beitbridge District Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.



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