Massive redeployment of ferret as resistance mounts


Exiled former Information Minister, Jonathan Moyo, has made sensational clams of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s massive redeployment of Ferret Forces to cover up the force’s secret activities. 

Posting on Twitter this Thursday, Moyo said the “massive redeployment” exercise started about six weeks ago.

He said:A MASSIVE REDEPLOYMENT & coverup of operations of Mnangagwa’s Ferret Force, mainly but not only Harare & Bulawayo, is underway; along with a #CIO inquiry into how the Ferret Force’s abduction & torture of Tawanda Muchehiwa was exposed. The redeployment started six weeks ago!THE REDEPLOYMENT of the Ferret Force is taking place amid shocking revelations that the Force has done 106 abduction & torture operations from Nov 2017 to 18 September 2020. During the same period 23 people have been charged with subversion & there have been 56 treason cases!

Ferret Force is officially combined teams of Central Intelligence Organisation, Army, Military Intelligence, ZRP and Police Internal Investigations agents who carry “covert special operations” under the authority of the State Security.Ferrets are being accused of conducting kidnappings and torture of government critics including opposition members, journalists and human rights defenders.

The government, however, refutes the claims that the force is conducting covert operations including abductions arguing that the alleged abductions are being staged to soil the image of the incumbent administration.


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