Charles Charamba is not dead but among the living

Charles and Olivia Charamba


Zimbabweans breathed a sigh of relief when Pastor Charles Charamba and his family posted on their official Facebook page that they are alive and well.

Over the weekend, gospel musicians were sent into a moment of shock when news circulated that the decorated singer and cleric had died following a car accident.

In a short Facebook post, the Charamba’s say not only is Pastor Charles Charamba not dead but the family was not involved in an accident of any kind adding that God’s Grace is taking care of them.

The Charamba’s went on to thank all those who had contacted them to enquire when they heard the false news. Pastor Charamba and his family said they forgive the authors, scriptwriters, and voice-over artists who created the fake story that did the rounds on social media.

Blessings to us all. Pastor Charamba and the family are all good and sound. Nyasha dzirikutichengeta. We thank all those who contacted us to enquire about the false news. We have NOT been involved in any accident. We also forgive the authors, script writers and voice over artists who created the infamous joke.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that it was in fact a Jekenision pastor by the name, Liberty Charamba who had died in an accident on Saturday.

Charles Charamba and his wife Olivia have five children, three daughters, and two sons. Their two daughters Shalom and Eternity have ventured into music and released their debut singles “Mbiri Yose” and “Tonamata” respectively.

After almost two decades as Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe pastors, the Charamba’s formed Rooted in Christ Ministries.



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