Parents prefer to pay incentives to teachers


Some parents have urged the government to allow them to pay incentives to teachers as opposed to having children going to school every day but not learning.

There is a circular that directs schools not to charge parents extra monies to pay teachers but a parent with a child at Sizane High School in Bulawayo argued that even if teachers are forced to go to work, they won’t effectively teach the learners. The parent said:

We are losing a lot of money sending the children to school. At the moment we need our children to learn and it’s high time the Government allows parents to pay incentives to teachers.

Teachers might be forced to go to work but it would be difficult to force them to effectively teach our children yet we need our children to catch up as they have lost a lot of time due to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, another parent with a child at Magwegwe Primary School in the city said it was high time the government address the issues in the education sector. He said:

Our children have suffered due to this long time that they have spent at home.

It was our hope that they were going to return to school without any challenges. Schools have opened but there are no teachers.

Who would supervise the children to observe Covid-19 regulations when teachers are not there? We strongly appeal to the Government to address the issues in the education sector.

Our children are the ones who are suffering most under these circumstances.

Parents were forced to withdraw their children when they observed no learning-related activities were happening at schools yesterday.

Schools were supposed to reopen for Early Childhood Development (ECD) A to Grade Five pupils to join those who have already opened.



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