Zibagwe Rural District council to buy its 33 councilors motorbikes


Zibagwe Rural District Council( Zibagwe RDC) will in the near future buy motorbikes for its 33 councilors to increase the councilor’s mobility, The Sunday News reports. This was revealed by Zibagwe RDC chief executive officer Mr Farayi Machaya who said they have already ordered 10 motorbikes and priorityty will be given to the councilors most affected by the problem there are trying to address.

In an interview with the publication, Machaya said:

We realised that our councillors had problems in accessing some areas. Remember we have mines and some grinding mills that are far apart from each other. The motorbikes will therefore help, not only councillors but other officials to easily access those mines and collect the council’s dues

We have to date realised $15,8 million which translates to 58 percent of our annual local revenue budget of $27,2 million. On inter-governmental fiscal transfers, we got $3,7 million out of a budget of $45 million

Machaya also said the council chair will get an official vehicle from the Midlands-based council which according to the publication, has the biggest number of mining operations in the country. Money for the motorbikes will be deducted from the councilor’s allowances.

–The Sunday News



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