A huge snake at the gate of a Pumula South family


A Pumula South resident is puzzled by a strange sight she witnessed this week when she woke up to find a dead snake wrapped in black cloth and stitched with red thread on its side at her gate, The Chronicle reports.

The snake believed to be a Black Mamba reportedly measured about 1 meter was discovered at 6 Am at the gate of Ms. Liana Muparadzi and since then speculation has been rife over what might have lead to the strange incident.

Daring residents reportedly moved the snake around and reportedly discovered it was stitched on the side with a red thread and it was tied by a black cloth on 2 different parts.

Ms Muparadzi narrated the incident and said she was puzzled by the snake because her children are writing grade 7 examinations:

I had no electricity at the house so I had just sent my child to go to our neighbours and ask what time it was. As she was about to leave the house, I observed that there was something that looked like a snake at the gate. I ordered my child to backtrack as I advanced with a hoe. It was a snake but when I drew closer to it, I got worried that it wasn’t moving and more shocking was that it was wrapped in a black cloth.

My mind raced as I tried to understand what could have happened, how it ended by my gate, who could have dumped it. I also connected the snake to noise that our dog made all night long as it barked non-stop for the better part of the night.

One of the residents that had gathered at the scene spoke to the publication and said:

This doesn’t make sense; we have heard some of these stories that people own snakes but we just downplayed the stories as myths. But today we have come across this snake which leaves us very worried about its origins and how it ended up being there. We can speculate and all, but this is just a clear testimony that some people practise witchcraft.

The snake was taken away by Parks officials according to another resident:

The councillor came together with the police and council rangers who took it away. They placed it in a sack before they left with it

Another resident said people are just being superstitious but the snake has been dead for days. Traditional healers and religious leaders reportedly offered to help the family of Ms Muparadzi in different ways.



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