Mary Chiwenga seeking permission to go to South Africa for medical treatment

Marry Chiwenga, estranged wife of VP Chiwenga needs immediate medical treatment in South Africa

Marry Chiwenga desperately needs her passport to travel to SA for medical treatment


Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife Mary Chiwenga approached the High Court on Thursday with an urgent chamber application seeking the release of her passport.

In the urgent chamber application, the troubled former supermodel appealed for the immediate release of her passport so that she can go to South Africa for medical treatment as she revealed that she is in severe pain and the wounds on her arms have become septic.

“I have approached this Honourable Court for relief as I’m advised that in terms of this High Court’s judgment, magistrates have no power to authorize the variation of bail conditions to include the temporary release of a passport and to suspend reporting conditions.”

“I’m in extreme pain, I now have to carry a gadget which drains the liquids from the wounds. Without immediate specialist care, the wounds are becoming more and more septic and it is paramount that I receive immediate urgent attention to these injuries as the only specialist who has attended to them is in South Africa. There is simply no other way I can receive the necessary treatment in Zimbabwe,” she wrote in her affidavit.

Medical doctor, Johan van Heerden attending to Mubaiwa has since recommended for the former supermodel’s passport to be released so that she urgently travels to South Africa and seeks treatment as her health has reportedly “severely deteriorated”, New Zimbabwe reports.

In his supporting affidavit of an urgent chamber application filed at the High Court, doctor Johan van Heerden said there are no specialists in Zimbabwe to treat Mary as she has a rare medical condition known as lymphoedema.

Mary has been sick since 2018.  She sustained injuries to her arms and legs during a bomb explosion at White City Stadium in Bulawayo during President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presidential campaign rally.



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