RBZ urges businesses to accept torn or worn out US dollar notes

RBZ Governor, Mangudya

RZB Governor Mangudya


Zimbabwe’s central bank has issued a statement against persons and businesses that have been in the habit of refusing worn and old U.S dollar notes in the country.

So deep had been the plague such that businesses, especially in the City of Harare could not accept U.S dollar notes produced before 2006 as they are considered of less value than newer and crispier notes.

In a public notice dated 21st of December 2020, the RBZ governor, Dr Mangudya issued a stern warning to such entities, emphasizing that it was criminal to refuse these notes.

Old, torn and worn out U.S dollar notes are to be accepted anywhere in Zimbabwe.

This because the U.S government consider any dollar bill valid as long as it is in its original form and still has most part of the note intact.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe public notice on old and worn United States dollar notes reads;

It has come to the attention of the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe (the Bank) that some persons are refusing to accept old and worn United States dollar (U.S. dollar) notes that they are old and mutilated and therefore of no value.

For the benefit of the transacting public and as already advised by the USA Embassy in Zimbabwe in its Tweet on 16 November 2020, the Bank wishes to inform and restate the position of the United States Government that U.S. dollar notes do not expire no matter their age and that the U.S Government does not even consider old worn notes to be mutilated as long as more than half of the note is intact and the value of the note is clear.

RBZ Issues A Stern Warning Against Businesses That Refuse Torn US Dollar Notes



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