Ba Tea predicts death of another prominent person


Ba Tea, the time traveler who rose to prominence after accurately predicting the death of Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure has struck again with another prediction.

Taking to Facebook, Ba Tea the time traveler revealed another socialite is going to pass away this year. He wrot

“Ndiani ayiziva kuti gore rino dzimwe mbinga dzichatisiya. Who knew kuti Soul Jah Love achatisiya naTB Joshua wacho. Who knows kuti pane mumwe munhu ane dzungu achatisiya anofunga kuti ari hot but achaita rot???

vaskana ndisu tadaro”

He also went on and posted a video in which he spoke in riddles about how another prominent figure was going to tragically die this year.

Watch the video below

This comes a couple of months after he announced that he will no longer reveal what he would have seen in the future as a time traveler.

Posting on his Facebook page, Ba Tea said that he will not announce whatever vision or dream he would have had be it about the country or its citizens or things that will come this 2021 and beyond.

This came after he had been dragged for claiming to have accurately predicted Soul Jah Love’s death.

After his video and Facebook post claiming that he foretold Soul Jah Love’s death went viral, he received a lot of backlash as social media users claimed that he was a fake time traveler and a  fraud who used Ginimbi’s death and Soul Jah Love’s death to catapult himself to fame.

Some went as far as labeling him the ‘prophet of doom/death’ as they claimed that he never predicts anything good all he ever does is predict death.


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