MDC Alliance endorses same sex marriages


by Shelton Muchena

As the nation is experiencing vast socio-economic reforms since the inception of the New Dispensation, the MDC Alliance have chosen to join the train by amending the Constitution to incorporate same sex marriages.

In a high profile virtual meeting held this evening, the MDC A top brass, notable Civic Society Organisations like Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, ZLHR, and GALZ joined envoys from the US Embassy and a number of European officials to map the way forward regarding the mobilisation of remaining MDC A legislators to amend the constitution for the accommodation of same sex marriage in Zimbabwe.

The closed virtual meeting saw the MDC A leadership convincing the mentioned foreign dignitaries that acquiring a 2/3 majority in Parliament in 2023 for this amendment will be a smooth sail considering the huge budget which has been made available to execute the project.

Of noteworthy, MDC A leader, Nalson Chamisa, in his contribution indicated that MDC Alliance as a political party and all its Members of Parliament will quickly endorse this call citing that even his National executive is already flooded with known Homosexuals who include 4 males and two females (names withheld).

His deputy Biti also underscored the same issue highlighting that this was long overdue as most African legal systems have warmed up to the idea.

“Everyday Mnangagwa is amending the constitution for his people and himself. It’s now time we consider the most vulnerable and segregated group of our society. Our neighbours South Africa have done it so what are we waiting for? After all in the United States of America, even Bestiality is recognized. So for us we can do well and begin with acknowledging same-sex marriage and later proceed to bestiality”. Biti contributed with gusto.

Another senior official, Hwende also made an affirmative contribution, revealing that everyone has a right to choose who to marry, regardless of the demands of the moral fabric.

“Look, we can not remain stuck in the past . We are no longer in the Stone Age era. We can’t remain victims of rigid societies. If Judith wishes to marry Dorcas or Primrose, let it be. If Admire wishes to marry Gibson or Donald let it be so , we all have equal rights.

Let Gibson marry Donald if he wishes, MDC A Secretary General Charlton Hwende

Huge perks have been disbursed already by the mentioned Embassies and in no time the opposition will move a motion in Parliament calling for the law and the independent media as well as civic Society organisations will also bolster the narrative through various ways


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