A fatal mob justice on an innocent man in Chitungwiza


In a horrible case of mistaken identity, a Chitungiwza man was beaten to death by an angry mob after being erroneously mistaken for a thief.

23-year-old Paul Masarakufa died after he was brutally assaulted by an angry mob. Masarakufa, who was a gold panner, was set upon by the angry mob as he was making his way back to his home in Zengeza 3.

The 23-year-old had gone to visit his girlfriend Sheila Manyika (28). However, after the two lovers had an argument, Masarakufa decided to make his way back home.

As he was passing through St Marys, he was seized by Pastor Werren Mupereki and his sister only identified as Mai Kuda. The two mistakenly identified the 23-year-old as one of the thieves who had stolen a mobile phone from their house earlier that night.

The altercation attracted a mob which started assaulting the hapless gold panner. He was handcuffed and tied to a tree while the mob assaulted him.

One of the people who witnessed the assault told H-Metro,

“He (Masarakufa) was beaten while handcuffed and tied to a tree.

“Salty water was poured on him while being beaten as he denied stealing until his last breath.”

The witness went on to say that when some people realised that Masarakufa’s condition was deteriorating, they stopped assaulting him. However, the pastor and his wife are alleged to have continued assaulting Masarafuka who insisted that he had not stolen any phone.

“Only Mupereki and his sister and the other two kept on attacking him till he died; the others stopped beating him when they realised that they were in the process of killing a person.”

Masarakufa later succumbed to his injuries and died at around 6 AM. Realising that they had killed someone, Pastor Mupereki and his sister handed themselves over to the police. Other people who participated in the assault are yet to be apprehended.


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