Govt is now shy to print teachers’ payslips with paltry salaries


By Machenjera Peter

For the past three months since May 2021, teachers have endured pay days without pay advices from their employer, the government. Never mind the value of the figures punched on those payslips but the nonavailability of these important documents is a sure case that we can’t afford to ignore.
Payslip is an important legal document that has to be availed to the employee every month. Under normal circumstances, payslips should come few days before the scheduled pay date so that the bearer (teacher) can plan ahead. Unfortunately, this is not what is currently happening in Zimbabwe. The most worrisome part is that gvt is silent about this issue as if all well in Jerusalem.
Apart from working as proof of the salary that one draws from the government, a payslip is useful when a person (teacher) applies for loans, helps in showing the breakdown of one’s pay and deductions of the month concerned, used for budget purposes, informs about the leave days accrued by the member and also giving the next pay date.
Therefore, in the absence of the payslip for the months of June, July and August, it entails that teachers were operating in darkness. Most teachers were surprised to find large amounts deducted from their salaries on pay day, marking a disparity from the previous salary figures and left most teachers guessing what could have happened to their salaries. Quite a number of teachers have failed to apply for loans because a current payslip is a prerequisite for such applications. The July or August payslips are seriously sought after by teachers who want to apply for loans because they have adjusted figures after the 45% salary adjustment.
Government is, therefore, urger to urgently avail the teachers’ salaries for the months of June, July and August and before the September 2021 pay day, teachers should receive their payslips. Government is also urged to treat teachers fairly in all spheres.

–Machenjera Peter Secretary is PTUZ’s Information and Publicity Secretary.


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