Kikky BadA$$ furious over allegations of having a fake body


Female rapper Christabell Stembeni Mahlungwa better known as Kikky BadA$$ has come out lashing at people who are always attacking her over her body shape.

Kikky Badass
Kikky Badass

The rapper who is well built with a hourglass body shape says she’s tired of people who take off their frustration on her accusing her of having a fake body.

Kikky lashed out through a twitter thread telling people to stop harassing her.

“Please stop harassing me because of my body, I am as natural as they come. I’m tired of being harassed with the ‘akamwa mapiritsi’ or ‘it’s fake’ or ‘akaitwa surgery’.

“I’ve never taken anything to enhance my body, never even inquired on what enhances bums or boobs.”

The 26-year-old added that her body is inherited from her mother’s genes.

“Kana usina ma**ro or ma hips hauna, musapedzere shungu dzekumada nekumashaya pandiri.

“My mother is exactly like me, ndakangopihwawo I never asked for them mufunge. Ndaneta everyday (crying emojis). I don’t use anything for my tummy futi please ladies and gents please zvakwana,” she added.

Cyber bullying is currently on the rise on social media with a number of people creating Ghost accounts just to troll on celebrities and public figures.

Last month fast rising musician Anita Jaxson also revealed that she was ‘sick and tired’ of being bullied on social media.

She tweeted, “Social media is very toxic. I’m sick of the bullying.”

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